Healings & Wellness

Holistic healings and wellness sessions are an amazing non-medical way of balancing your body and mind. Here at Dragonflies we offer a variety of healing modalities by caring and intuitive certified practitioners.

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Unsure which practitioner or modality is right for you?  Come to our monthly Healer Share! 
It is a wonderful way to explore different healing modalities. Visit our classes page for upcoming dates!


Energy Healing   Integrated Energy Therapy III

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is a powerful and soothing hands-on energy healing modality.  IET helps you to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from your past, empower and balance your life in the present, and embody your full potential as you move into your future. It focuses on clearing physical, emotional, mental and karmic energy imprints from your human energy field and leaves in their place positive energy imprints.

Each session starts with a short discussion to set the intention, and ends with a discussion of findings and impressions. Healings take place fully clothed on a massage table. The focus of the sessions is on various integration points on the body that store energy. Crystals and music are used to enhance the healing experience. 

I look forward to supporting you in your healing journey, enhancing your health, prosperity and creativity and helping you to discover and live your soul’s mission in life!


30min “Empowerment” session- $45 | Full session (1 ½- 2hrs) - $120


Reiki Master/Shambala

I studied the Dr. Mikao Usui Reiki Method. An ancient therapy of laying on of
hands and transferring attuned life force energy ( I also call in angel energy) into
the client to help assist their body in healing. Healing can take place on a
physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. It can also be done on animals as
well. Animals are very receptive to energy.

This modality is done fully clothed, you can be sitting up or laying down on a
massage table. Your job is just to relax. A simple hands on or held over your body
to transfer energy. Scanning your body I may feel places that may have energetic
blocks that can be released, I balance your chakras, and sometimes I may receive
messages from the other side for you.

Reiki can ease stress, decrease anxiety and depression, improve your overall
mood, increase a state of relaxation, help you feel more balanced etc.

1/2 hour session $40 |1 hour $70  


Reiki Level II - Intuitive Healer
Registered Nurse


I am a Reiki Level II Practitioner, a Registered Nurse, and an Intuitive Healer. I am able to incorporate  energy healing modalities along with follow up counseling regarding improving one’s physical condition  based off the energy blockages identified during the treatment session. 

Topics that may be addressed  include:  nutrition, stretching exercises, pain relief techniques, and different supplements that may be beneficial.  


My specialty and background in nursing is chronic illnesses. I have found that energy healing when used  in conjunction with traditional Western Medicine can truly have remarkable results in helping alleviate  symptoms. My passion and purpose in life is to show you that your body is able to heal itself and through  energy work we are able to give it the tools it needs to do so. 

Costs: $40 for one half hour session, $60 for one hour session 
(includes Energy Healing and follow up discussion and counseling)  

**Discounts for first responders and veterans.
Packages available for multiple sessions at a reduced price**


Multi-Dimensional Quantum Practitioner


I am a Multi-Dimensional Quantum Practitioner. I work with multiple frequencies and vibrations that expand, clear, and heal the energy flow in the body. Healing modalities like Reiki, Egyptian Alchemical, and Angelic Healing are woven together for a fuller, higher, and more complete healing experience.

Multi-Dimensional Quantum Healing offers the client a healing experience that is unique and personalized to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. These needs may range from stress relief to healing related to a past life. Whatever your body, mind, and soul need at the moment of the session, is the healing you will receive.


Costs:  $60 for one 30-minute session. $100 for one 60-minute session. 


Essentials Oils Educator

iTOVi Scans

I love to share the benefits of essential oils and the importance of reducing toxins in our homes with family and friends. Doing sessions or workshops is therapy for me! One of favorite things is the iTOVi Scanner (working like a Fitibt, it measures the electrical frequencies in your body).  I am excited to offer the scan as a way to help you determine where to start your journey with essential oils and related products.


iTOVi is a simple handheld scanning device that ranks galvanic skin response (GSR) measurements. The scan itself only takes a couple minutes but the result is fascinating!  Galvanic skin response is also referred to as electrodermal activity or skin conductance testing. The iTOVi measures those reactions through bioimpedance technology, the same technology commonly used in fitness trackers.

During a scan, the iTOVi uses this technology to send stimuli to the body, and can recommend the oils/supplements that would be most appropriate. The makers of iTOVi have scanned all the Young Living oils and supplements, and have a record of all the products’ frequencies; in this way, the iTOVi is able to use this library to match up the scan results to product recommendations.

iTOVi will not diagnose or treat disease. Obviously it isn’t a replacement for medical care scans to address short and long term issues. BUT it is a way to start down the path to better overall health and well being.  The results that come up first, usually the top three, reflect short term issues. The products that are lower on the list, are usually long term issues.  This will give us a jump off point to meet your individual needs.

We all have a unique journey and I am honored to share mine and perhaps be part of your journey here at Dragonflies and Amber.


Energy Healer
Spiritual Guidance

Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing session are customized specifically for you and your physical, emotional and mental needs.  Using any combination of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), copper wands and crystals we will discuss your goals for the session and set a treatment plan accordingly. 

A little about the potential modalities:

A loose translation of the word Reiki is “universal life energy”. When the flow of energy is disrupted emotional or health problems tend to occur.  During a Reiki session this energy flows through the hands of the Reiki Practitioner to the receiver finding wherever imbalances or blockages exist. It is believed this realigns the Chakras, boosting the Endocrine and Immune systems which allows the body and mind to heal.  In a session I often integrate the use of crystals, music and/or guided meditation.

Copper is among the oldest materials used by mankind it is believed to be a metal with the power to heal.  It is used to help the body fight off infection, making copper a protective trace mineral. Copper healing wands are primarily used to cleanse, energize and balance the subtle energetic field within and surrounding the body.   The wands used during a session were created in an environment of pure light and love by myself. They are filled with clearing and healing stones/crystals.   They are an extension of me and a powerful healthy modality.  In a session I often integrate the use of crystals, music and/or guided meditation.


Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) sessions use angelic energy to work directly with your body’s cellular memory and energy field to get the “issues out of your tissues” for good. IET helps you to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from your past, empower and balance your life in the present, and embody your full potential as you move into your future. (https://www.learniet.com)

1/2 hour session $50 |1 hour $75     Discounts are available seniors, military,  first responders as well as multi treatment package rates.


Johrei “White Light”
Reiki Practitioner, Level III

Energy Healing Session

Performed as non-invasive practice in which the practitioner places her hands lightly on or just above the client with the intent to transmit high-frequency healing energy. This technique is used to alleviate physical, mental, emotional & spiritual imbalances.


During your Reiki Session, you will be fully clothed and comfortable, laying on a massage table. I will be gently placing my hands lightly on or just above you with the intent to transmit high-frequency healing energy. You do not have to do anything but relax and trust that the energy is working. 

1/2 hour session $40 |1 hour $70 


Selenite Light Sessions

Vibration Raising Selenite Crystals elevate us.  Our bodies on average vibrate at about 60 hertz of frequency ... Selenite vibrates at 244 hertz which is 4 times the average human’s vibration. Intentionally being in its presence through a session like this or a meditation, helps us feel lighter and vibrate higher.

These Light Sessions include working with a LOT of Selenite. Within an eye pillow placed on your forehead, longer rods on your body, shorter wands in your hands and all around the space, gridded in sacred geometry; you are immersed in its frequency. Lay back on a cozy comfortable treatment table as Nicki’s healing energy works with the stones and soft music to help you clear negative energy, upgrade your intuition to the next level and restore balance to your being. She finishes your session with her Crystal Singing Pyramid and Zaphir Chimes.

Angelic Light Sessions

In these Light Sessions you will feel embraced by Angelic Frequencies that hold, calm and soothe you. Throughout the experience Nicki acts as a conduit and channel for the Archangels and the Divine Energies of your own team of Angels, allowing them to swirl and vibrate throughout your body and being. This is a peace deepening, softly strengthening and gentle treatment. Great for stress relief, easing of grief and worry.

Lay back on a cozy comfortable treatment table as Nicki’s healing energy works with the Angels and soft music to help you clear relax, unwind, and restore a deeper sense of wellbeing to all areas of your life.

She finishes your session with her Crystal Singing Pyramid and Zaphir Chimes.

$44 for 30 mins   -  Contact   774-521-4402    nicki@crystalandstonestudio.com


I am an channel with 10 years of professional practice.  Channeling is a sacred gift of connecting with the higher realms.  It involves setting aside my conscious mind and going into an altered state to allow spirit entities to speak through me.  This is why channeling is often described as a “walk in” because that is precisely what happens.  The channel steps aside and the entities “walk in” to speak through the channel. 

Ultimately, my work involves helping you to remember who you are.  That has been the primary message by these spirit entities for almost a decade. Remember who you are.  We remember who we are in order to return to our soul. 

During a session with me, it will feel like you’re engaging in a conversation with master teachers.  Prior to a session, you will be asked to bring your questions and to discuss your concerns.  These teachers from the higher spheres will help you uncover your barriers.  They will help you put the puzzle of who you are together.  They will help you understand your unique qualities.  And they will point to the work that needs to be done.  This work is very important. In healing yourself, you heal others; but before you give yourself you must have gained yourself.

1 person $85 for 60 mins / 2 people $75/psn for 75 mins / 3-5 people $65/psn for 90 mins / 6-10 people $55/psn for 120 mins / 11 or more people $45/psn for 120 mins 


I work intuitively and empathically with your energy to heal Imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. I am guided to find and work with the root causes of the imbalances and help shift., release and clear them using several modalities, helping your system to heal easily and naturally. To help you embody your full potential as you move into your future.

Multi-Level Signature Soul Session: 

It is a Reiki session with combination of other modalities which is spiritually, intuitively and empathically driven. It helps promotes balance and healing on a much deeper level, getting to the root of the issue on a conscious and sub-conscious level.


$50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes, $130 for 90 minutes


Energy Clearing of your Personal Energy Field:

It is a form of energy work that is subtle, gentle yet is very powerful. It releases stuck, stagnant or blocked energy in your personal energy field.


$50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes, $130 for 90 minutes


Life Exploration of your Souls Journey: 

With this deep, hypnotic process we are able to explore your Souls Journeys through past, present, future, parallel, and in between lives and possibly exploring the spiritual realm, whatever is for your highest and best.

Discover patterns and clues that will help you navigate your life today.


$160 - sessions 1-3 hours


All sessions are done fully clothed, laying on a BioMat, on a sound table and covered with a weighted blanket.


Health and Happiness are often intertwined and can involve the mental, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, social or aspects of your life. Are you fully satisfied in all these areas?


You know that feeling when you really want to make some healthy changes in your life, but you keep circling back to old behavior patterns and habits? It doesn’t feel good and logically you think it should be easy to change, but you keep ending back up in the same place? 

As an intuitive coach, I work with you to help you discover your true desires and motivation and find ways to break the cycle to begin creating healthy behaviors that feel good. When we allow our authentic self to blossom and create habits that make us feel good physically, emotionally, or spiritually, it is easier to access the happiness that you are searching for.

Some of the wellness areas commonly worked on in these sessions include:

  • Weight loss

  • Stress management

  • Work/life balance

  • Sleep quality

  • Energy levels

  • Dietary restriction management

  • Meal prep

  • Mind/body/spirit connection

  • Career satisfaction

  • Relationship satisfaction

In our session, we nurture your individual strengths, use the guidance from your Higher Self, and work collaboratively to discover the mind-body-spirit balance you seek to live a happier, healthier life!


Investment: $30 for 45-minute Discovery Session

For July and August 2021: 15-minute Reiki session can be added for an additional $10



Rediscover Your Happy After Trauma

If you are recovering from an emotional trauma, have suffered a physical injury or unexpected major health ailment learn how to take control of your life and create your own happiness through healthy habits. 

  • Free 30 minute consult to determine if the program is a good fit for you 

  • Six one-hour sessions with a Certified Health & Happiness Coach focused on  learning new healthy habits to create a positive transformation in your life

  • Will work on skills such as goal setting, tacking stress, meditation, mindfulness, taking control of nutrition and physical activity, socialization and empowering activities.

  • Healthy habit discussions are guidelines but each session will be modified to fit unique needs of each person

  • Each session will include discussion on a new healthy habit but will build on individualized progress made in prior weeks

  • This program may be right for you if you have experienced trauma of any kind (at any time) and are ready to make a positive shift and finally live the happy life you desire

Health & Happiness Investment $300


Website: www.susiepratt.com 

Email: susie.pratt@outook.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wellnessforlife


Certified Hypnotist

Usui Reiki Practitioner

Hypnosis can help people manage and, in some cases, recover from illness, it is becoming a more common part of a treatment plan.  The hypnotist helps facilitate the relaxation state and verbalizes images that can help create a sense of relaxation, security, and well-being.

Because hypnosis can help people manage and, in some cases, recover from illness, it is becoming a more common part of a treatment plan.   This is a therapeutic technique effective for a wide range of conditions and designed to enhance concentration, minimize one's usual distractions, and heighten responsiveness to suggestions to alter one's thoughts, feelings, behavior, or physiological state. Hypnosis can also help change people’s habits. It is not a type of psychotherapy.


People differ in the degree to which they respond to hypnosis. The key to becoming hypnotized is the extent to which a person is hypnotizable, which is a very reliable and stable individual difference trait that indexes one's openness to hypnotic suggestions.

The initial session can run an hour and a 1/2 and following sessions usually an hour. There is an additional discount for those who book a series of 4 or more sessions at once. The fee range is from $70-$80 an hour

Sylvia Diane.jpg

Energy sessions/healings:
Energy sessions help release energy blocks that make you feel unheard, unseen, undervalued, or disconnected. These blocks create imbalances in your life, sometimes even illnesses. An energy session gives you the opportunity to release blocks and regain balance and joy in your life. Energy sessions can be done remotely or in person.

An energy healing typically runs 45 to 60 minutes. The fee is a sliding scale from $40 to $100, and it's due when you schedule the appointment.  Packages are also available.

Pain reduction meditation:

This meditation is for everyday, walking-around aches and pains. Sometimes they can be reduced with stretching, exercise, or meds. But sometimes meditation can help. In a session, you'll learn how to do this meditation yourself, and afterward I'll be available for follow-up questions. These sessions are typically one-on-one but can have up to three participants.


These sessions usually run 30 to 60 minutes. The fee is a sliding scale from $35 to $100, and it's due when you schedule the appointment. Packages are also available. 

Clearing residences and properties:

Have a room in the house that just doesn't feel right? A section of the property that's a little creepy? Want to clear the energy in your home and reset it with your family's energy? Or release some of the family's energy? A clearing can help make your home your haven.   The fee varies depending on the scope of work.