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Intuitive Channel
Card Reader
Energy Healer

Welcome! Thank you for stopping for a moment to read a little about me!

My journey to who I am becoming today truly begins in childhood. My family has owned funeral homes long before I was born. I grew up around the subject of people passing away. Having lived in, been around and even having worked in this line of business…. Had me in close proximity to the life transition process since I can remember. Because of this, I had found an ability to connect with visitors from beyond. This ability allowed me to see, hear, and feel these visitors. Being raised Roman Catholic, I was forced to hide these skills. I had shut down until high school where I dabbled in divination in the basement. Once "caught", I was forced to put it away once again.



In adulthood I began working in the world of medicine which gave me a new perspective of life and death, as well as healing. This brings us to 2019 were my life took a very interesting turn. In June of that year, I sustained a life altering injury, with a grim prognosis. I was left with having to sit with myself experiencing a constant level of pain I was unaware existed. I was bedridden due to extraordinary pain. While the circumstances weren’t ideal. It did kick start a radical awakening that has me determined to heal myself and others when science hasn’t caught up with reality.   In my heart I know there is always a way… just because it hasn’t been discovered does not mean true healing doesn’t exist.


Once upon a time, I was told I’d never make use of my leg again and that things can only get worse and not any better, so I better get used to it. Yes, Multiple world-renowned doctors actually told me that. However in 4 short, ok long years, with dedication and perseverance to my own healing, I now walk without assistive  devices. While I still deal with symptoms of my condition, I am so much further than any doctor, or other medical professionals claimed to be possible.

As an energy healer and intuitive; I have reopened my abilities and stretched out my energy field to connect and heal not just myself but the community and the collective who are ready and willing to dive deep.


I’ll be waiting with a lantern for you. I’ll light the path and walk alongside you while you find your own healing and true authentic selves.  Looking forward to meeting and working with each one of you!

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