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Intuitive Readings

Dragonflies offers an array of intuitive style readings with skilled and ethical professionals. If you are seeking guidance, want to reconnect with your higher self or have a conversation with the spirit world, we invite you to spend some time with us. 

Each of our professionals offer multiple modalities!
Please be sure to visit all of our headings!


In a Mystical Card Reading session

I offer readings with the Tarot, Oracle, and Angel cards. We will be guided on which deck to use by connecting with your higher self, guardian angels, and Spirit guides.
We may use one deck during the reading or we may incorporate other cards. Every session is unique.
The guidance offered will help give you clarity and confirmation on your life’s journey.
This information and guidance may need to come from various forms of communication to get the
complete message for your highest good, greatest benefit, and harm to none.

Past Lives Session

Are you curious about Past Lives? Are you drawn to certain cultures or ancient civilizations?
The concepts of reincarnation and past lives have existed for thousands of years, and are part of
numerous religions and belief systems.

It is believed that we have certain lessons that we learn or continue learn in this life from a past one.
In a Past Life Reading session, we explore which past life may be coming up for you in this lifetime. I use
a combination of oracle cards, Tarot cards, and intuition to tap into the past life that needs to be
addressed at this time. When we acknowledge where a certain pattern or fear originated, we may begin
to heal these old wounds.

Past Life Healing session is available for those who wish to go deeper and clear these negative patterns.

Mystical Card Reading/Past Life Reading:  $40 for 30-minute session. $80 for 60-minute session


Card Reading

In a card reading you will connect with your higher self and spiritual team to help you through your path in life. The tarot gives us the ability to disconnect from all of the physical attributes of fear, intellectual thinking, and conditional learning. A reading will help us determine what is working and not working in your world and to help you set a path for your highest and best good. 

 Card reading: 1/2 hour session $50

Intuitive reading

The intention is to connect with your universal knowledge, your spirit team or loved ones who have passed. My style of channeling is about connecting with information that will help you on your journey and/or spending a bit more time with a loved one. You will have the opportunity to communicate as if you were having a conversation with universal energy or a loved one instead of me, so have your questions ready!!


All readings are done for the highest and best good of all, we tend to go beyond just communication with your loved ones, spirit has an amazing way of knowing how to put you at peace. 

Channeling: $100 Individual Sessions | Group Sessions ( 3 person minimum) $60 per person


Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Past Life Regression Healing

Past Life Regression Session using Hypnotherapy
What is Hypnotherapy? It is a way of getting you into a very relaxed state by guidance. It takes you into a much deeper state than meditations. While you are in this relaxed state you will be taken back to a past life / lives. While there I will ask questions to help you identify who you are; the life; understand where and time. Allowing you to gather information while knowing you are in a safely place.


Past Life Session:  $60 for 60-minute session


Oracle Card Reading:
A Divination tool. This is done in private, one on one. Doing a multi card spread for client

Oracle decks guidance, intuition, and emotional wellness. It will lead you towards what is most important in life by tuning into your inner self and spirit team. 

Rune Readings:
Nordic divination tool.  In a Rune reading, also called rune casting, we will use stones with symbols to answer questions about your past, present, and future. Rune stones can also help you get clarification or advice on how to address an issue or problem.

Card or Rune reading: 1/2 hour session $45


Building and Land Clearing
Building and land can hold energy for all time table.  Most often energy is healthy.  On occasion unrested, negative energy and entities are present. In a session this energy is neutralized when that is needed.
We will be changing what the energy is, as no energy can ever be destroyed. 


Pricing dependent on project


Intuitive Channel

Card Reader

Energy Healer

Card readings

In a card reading with me, will use one or a combination of tarot, oracle, and other card decks. These will
connect with your higher self, guides, protectors, loved ones, and ancestors. You will always
receive the message you need. Spirit and your higher self knows ultimately what is for your best interests. When connecting I will always only ask for what will help you on your path and keep you moving in the direction you were meant to move in.

Card Reading: 30 mins $40 | 1 hr $75

Spiritual connection session

This will involve me asking for direct connections to your spiritual team, loved ones and all those on the other side. I’ll ask for a piece of information from spirit to validate specifically to you, so you know the connection is clear and opened. We will then communicate messages to you. Sometimes it will be like having a conversation with your loved ones again and lead to you gaining the peace and healing you need.

Channeling: $75 Individual Sessions | Group Sessions (3 person minimum) $50 per person

Mary M

Akashic Records

Akashic Record Session

Every incarnation, every thought, deed, contract or event has been recorded into our quantum field of infinite possibilities along with all possible paths taken or will be taken.  An Akashic Record session is a great modality to heal Ancestor wounds, accept ancestor Talents and skills gained from past lives.  

 This modality can bring in a huge wealth of information for your best path for all aspects of your life.   Questions such as “How I can support a loved one?” or "Is my current path in alignment with my mission" or “What else will support my healing journey right now?”; are some of many questions that can be explored in the Akash.  Clients receive healing just sitting in this space with the highest beings.

During the session, you will be guided into a beautiful high dimension space and a state of deep relaxation where you will be most able to receive the highest information and healing.

$40 for half hour / $77 for hour /  $100 for 90 minutes

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