Intuitive Readings

Dragonflies offers an array of intuitive style readings with skilled and ethical professionals. If you are seeking guidance, want to reconnect with your higher self or have a conversation with the spirit world, we invite you to spend some time with us. 

Each of our professionals offer multiple modalities!
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Tarot Readings

A Tarot Reading will help you to connect with your intuitive self, that part of you that already has the answers.  A reading can give you a better understanding of the past, confirmation about what is presently happening and a new clarity about your optimum future path.  

Each reading is obviously unique and the information I receive may come from your higher self, spirit guides and loved ones.  I am very conscious about listening to the spirits that guide me to make sure that I relay information as accurately as possible. Therefore, I usually ask questions of you, to clarify the knowledge I am receiving.  Because I receive answers in a variety of ways I am thoughtful about how I share. 

 My wish is for you to feel peaceful, renewed and centered after your reading . I would love the opportunity to take you on this journey of higher understanding.

Tarot Reading: ½ Hour session: $40   1 Hour session: $65   Flexible availability Monday thru Sunday


Tarot Readings

In a tarot reading you will connect with your higher self, guardian angels and spirit guides to help you through your path in life. The tarot gives us the ability to disconnect from all of the physical attributes of fear, intellectual thinking, and conditional learning. A reading will help us determine what is working and not working in your world and to help you set a path for your highest and best good. 

Tarot: 1/2 hour $20, 1 hour $40 

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Card/Intuitive Reading

In an Intuitive Card Reading session, I offer readings with the Tarot, Angel cards, and Oracle cards.

We will be guided on which deck to use by connecting with your higher self, guardian angels, and

spirit guides.

We may use one deck during the reading or we may incorporate other cards. Every session is unique. The guidance offered will help give you clarity and confirmation on your life’s journey.


This information and guidance may need to come from various forms of communication to get the complete message for your highest good, greatest benefit, and harm to none.

Intuitive Card Reading:  ½ hour session $40, hour session $80



Changing peoples lives… One connection at time!


Signology provides a fascinating and perceptive exploration of the sun sign combinations and invaluable clues to unlocking the 12 Zodiac Sign mysteries of love and various human connections through ancient astrology teachings.

As we explore these ancient teachings and implement modern techniques, we create methods to unlock these mysteries and empower individuals with simple strategies to apply within ones everyday connections and relationships.

As individuals, we strive to surround ourselves with a loving, supportive environment…. 

Allow Signology to show you the way!

Examples of signology implementation:

A deeper understanding o ourselves and what drives our behaviors,Recognition of your partners love language, Understanding Co-workers drive and ambition, Ability to communicate with your children on a level their sign responds to, Respect and acknowledgement of others and their point of view, Establish insight to prevent miscommunication as well as enhance connection with others.


As  a heart centered practitioner, I feel a sense of joy and wholes when collaborating with other as I assist them on their journey to overall health and wellness.

1 1/2 hour session $90 ,  Group Sessions ( 3 person minimum) $50 per person


Card Readings
Psychic Medium Readings
Follow Your Soul Sessions 

In a card reading you will connect with your higher self and spiritual team to help you through your path in life. The tarot gives us the ability to disconnect from all of the physical attributes of fear, intellectual thinking, and conditional learning. A reading will help us determine what is working and not working in your world and to help you set a path for your highest and best good. 

  Card reading: 1/2 hour session $30

In a mediumship reading the intention is to connect with your loved ones who have passed. My style of mediumship is about spending a bit more time with them. You will  have the opportunity to communicate 
as if you were having a conversation with them instead of me: so have your questions ready!  It is universal knowledge that they are most likely at peace, no longer constrained by the physical body.  So this is a chance for you to reconnect and learn how they still know what is going on and how they are already communicating with you (sending you signs).  It will be a very heart felt experience. 


All readings are done for the highest and best good of all, spirit has an amazing way of knowing how to put you at peace.  

  Mediumship: $75 Individual Sessions | Group Sessions ( 3 person minimum) $50 per person

Follow Your Soul Session –

Have you ever felt a little lost or felt like something is happening… something was starting awake up but you’re not sure what??  Welcome to your souls communication! ​In a Follow Your Soul Session we will talk about YOU.  Each individual has their own story, some of it has been “written” and some is yet to be discovered! 

We each have a soul journey and free will to act on it or not!  Let’s get together and discover where you are on your path.​ Each session will be any combination of card readings, spirit team communication, higher self recognition/communication and much more. Any and all subjects you need to “know” about will start to present themselves. 

Understanding your soul self as well as your intellectual self is very important!  All of your life events are based upon how you see yourself.  The more you know, love and accept who you are the easier life gets!!

​All sessions are done for the highest and best good of all!  Let’s spend a little time together getting to YOU and what journey may lay ahead.  ​ 

Soul Session:  $75 Individual 1 hr. session  --  Contact Julie at


Multi-Dimensional Energy Practitioner

Energetic Insight of your face and birthdate pattern session:

We look at the energetic patterns of your face, birthdate, the decade, and your yearly cycles which helps you gain awareness, wisdom, and understanding of your inner design, your soul contract.


Investment: $50-30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes, $130 for 90 minutes


Private Multi-Dimensional Table Tipping Session:

Tipping is often described as an interactive, physical form of mediumship. It is such a loving way to connect, communicate and receive messages from passed loved one, pets,angels, guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters all to help you heal on many levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But what makes my Tipping Session extremely unique is that my spiritual team utilizes many of the tools in my toolbox that I have accumulated over the years and some from other lifetimes. So, it goes deeper in communication and healing for yourself and others on a multi-dimensional level using a three-legged table as a conduit.

Investment per person:  One person session-$75-60 minutes, 2 people session-$55-90 minutes, 

3-4 people session-$50-120 minutes

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Energy Medicine Practitioner

Psychic Readings:

The purpose of my psychic readings is to help you untangle the snarls of your present life. It's about reminding you that you have free will and that you can change yourself and your life. Sometimes the change is a shift in perspective to one that is truer to you; sometimes it's a complete makeover.


Past life information might come through as well as childhood memories, but it is about how they still affect you in your present life and whether you want to release their hold on you. A reading can also look at your plans for your future, and help you determine if the planned future is what you truly want.


Even though these are one-on-one readings between the client and me, they can get very populated: your guides, your higher self, my guides, and occasionally other spirits drop in such as a departed friend, relative, or pet.


A reading typically runs 45 to 60 minutes. The fee is a sliding scale from $40 to $100, and it's due when you schedule the appointment.

Animal Communication:

Ever wonder what your pet is thinking or why they sometimes act the way they do? How they're doing after passing over? Sign up for a reading! These readings are typically done remotely, and your pet doesn't need to be in the room with you.


A reading typically runs 45 to 60 minutes. The fee is a sliding scale from $40 to $80, and it's due when you schedule the appointment.

COVID 19 Guidelines are in place at building.  Form to be signed for in person visits.

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