When I began my journey into natural health in 2012, I had no idea where I was going! I just knew there had to be something better than what we were doing. My daughter was suffering from some chronic health issues and we seemed to go from doctor to doctor, getting more medications with many side effects. Medications have their role for sure but I wanted to explore natural alternatives in the hopes of reducing the side effects.


I soon realized that the road to health had many paths. I began with a few essential oils. Intuitively, I knew that quality would be important but felt lost doing research on my own. A friend happened to mention a workshop about wellness and essential oils, and I knew it was where I was supposed to be.

When I joined the Young Living Essential Oils family, I found my niche. Quality was the first important piece of the puzzle followed by the focus on education.  Learning what the different oils can do and why they work in a specific way is fascinating.  Applying this knowledge has been life-changing for my family. Our family’s journey has continued on to include other natural methods of healing as well as more doctors, and we have found a balance that works for us.

I love to share the benefits of essential oils and the importance of reducing toxins in our homes with family and friends. Doing workshops is therapy for me! I have recently added the iTOVi Scanner (working like a Fitbit, it measures the electrical frequencies in your body) to my oily toolbox and I am excited to offer the scan as a way to help you determine where to start your journey with essential oils and related products.  I really enjoy the questions and the interactions with the group as we learn together what will help them in their own lives. 


We all have a unique journey and I am honored to share mine and perhaps be part of your journey here at Dragonflies and Amber.