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Welcome! My name is Jean, and I appreciate your taking a few minutes to check out my page. I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner, offering Reiki, aromatherapy education and Itovi body scans.  We all have a unique journey, and I would be honored to be part of yours.


In 2011 my daughter was dealing with some health issues and we began to search for alternative treatments. I was not sure exactly what I was trying to find but instinctively felt that the cycle of drugs to treat a condition followed by more drugs to treat the side effects was a treadmill that would never end. There just had to be another way. This is where my journey into natural healing and a toxin-free lifestyle began. We began to use essential oils for both physical and emotional issues, eliminating most of the synthetic products along the way.

As I moved along my path to healing, I teamed up with a local tarot card reader who introduced me to the magical community of Dragonflies and Amber. This is where I discovered that maybe I had a little bit of magic myself! It has been an enlightening journey full of fun, laughter and sometimes tears as the layers began to peel away.  I am proud to say I have achievement my Reiki Master attunement and look forward to bringing this healing to you!


I have also added the Itovi scanner to my toolbox a few years ago. This little handheld scanner will provide you with a snapshot of your physical and emotional wellness and personalized insight into which products to use in your customized wellness plan.


I look forward to joining you on your journey; I promise to be here for you as you walk your path to whatever the universe has in store for you.


You can check the Dragonflies website for our workshops and fun happenings or schedule private/small group sessions with me. You can also hang out with me on Facebook or Instagram.

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