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Multi Dimensional Quantum Practitioner (MDQP)

Sacred Drummer


I have been on my healing a spiritual seeker path for over 40 years. As I look back on conversations with my parents, and grandparent I’ve come to understand my love of nature, my connection to spirits and angels, as well as my love and connection to animals.

It is a family lineage.


I am deeply connected to the earth and animals. In 2019 I graduated a 3-year program from the Trinity Mystical Energy School with my certification as a Multi Dimensional Quantum Practitioner.  While doing those studies I also completed the Shaman Song program and Goddess Circles. I am currently studying Goddess Craft (Wicca with Goddess work), as well as studying with Sadiki Bakari for Technology Empowerment and Scared Drumming.

My life experience, education, and practice give me the privilege of working with and helping people, animals, nature, land, and spirits while drawing in the knowledge of the Divine Universe. I am passionate about so many things: Energy healing, animal healing, Aroma Touch Therapy, SOC (Symphony of Cells essential oil practice of healing), Drumming Journey’s & Circles, Wand and Smudge Fan Creation, Land and Building clearing of energy and spirits just to name a few!  I would embrace the opportunity to share the information I have gathered thus far and look forward to this journey with you.

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