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I’ve taken many different journeys to reach this stage in my life. The past was filled with lots of twists and turns. Struggles and victories. At this point I now realize that my spiritual path is clear and moving forward.

As a former hairdresser, bartender, cannabis manager and more I have obtained many personal skills that I now possess.  This has left me a with a strong sense of being a “people” person, advisor, confidant and trustworthy listener to difficulties and solutions from all walks of life.

My personal world that once left me shattered… searching for answers to my burning questions and struggles. Having a failed marriage, loss of a job, losses of friendships left my longing for truths.  I now have come full circle and it has become clear that energy healing contains the answer to so many questions.  It provides inner strength in our daily lives. Love and light are the key to opening the doors if you are willing to receive the healing, the universe will speak to you! The signs and synchronicities are all around you!

Using energy healing techniques of Reiki and Integrated Energy Healing (IET) as well as inner child and shadow work advisor I am excited to spend some time with you!!

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