Energy Healer

Card Reader

Intuitive  Channel


In hind sight my journey of healing, communicating beyond the veil and teaching began from as far back as I can remember.  Although I did not fully embrace the gifts I was given until well into adulthood the experience has been life changing to say the least.

Over the last several years of learning how to quit the noise that is in and around all of us every day as well as learning to trust that there is so much more the just conventional intelligence available to us, my life is full of more peace, love and abundance than I could have possibly imaged. 

My journey with spiritualism was truly ignited with the passing of a dear friend in 2011 (Dragonflies and Amber is named in honor of her).  This passing lead me to a channeling class where I was "informed" by a very talented women that I was not following my life path and this was very well the cause of all my struggles! Well needless to say I took action and began to educate myself; this is an ongoing education that spirit guides me through every day. It has led me to many eye and mind opening modalities.


As an Energy Healer, card reader, medium (channel), and student of life; the ability to do what I have always been drawn to do is present in my everyday life.  I somehow always knew my happiness would lay in helping others and through this amazing path I can do just that!  I am forever learning both formally and informally the ways of the universe and how to help pass this information along!  I can’t wait to share this with you!!