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Spiritual Mentor - Multidimensional Energy Practitioner

Transformational Teacher - Mystical Readings

Sacred Circles - Intuitive Dance

Spirituality and natural healing remedies have been an influence to me my entire life. Growing up Roman Catholic, I felt my connection with the Holy Spirit. My Sicilian family had old healing remedies and techniques that I now consider to be connected to Earth rituals or Witchcraft. 

My goal is to provide services that help people connect or reconnect with their Authentic Selves. Also to feel our connection with the Divine energies on Earth and the Divine Cosmic energies throughout the Universe. I offer private Spiritual Guidance and Energy Healing sessions.

I also host many classes and events from Guided Meditations, Seasonal and Moon Rituals, Intuitive movement, to educational Spiritual, Divination, and Energy Healing classes. These group events help us to connect with our Higher Selves, the Divine, and bring a Spiritual community together. 

Even though life can be difficult, finding joy and love in the smallest thing can make such a huge difference in our lives. Laughter is life’s best healing remedy. This is the type of fun energy that I bring to all my classes. 

Energy Healing Sessions: As a Multidimensional Energy Practitioner, I work with the Universe’s multiple frequencies and vibrations to clear and heal the energy flow in the body. I use a combination of healing modalities like Reiki, Full Spectrum, and my own Divinely channeled healing techniques to bring a fuller and more complete healing experience.

Each session is unique to the client’s needs. These needs may range from stress relief, Chakra balance, healing traumas from this life or a past life, to navigating life’s transitions. The session begins with conversations on how you wish to move forward on your healing journey for your highest and best.

Mystical Card Readings: I offer readings with the Tarot, Angel cards, Oracle cards, and channeled messages. We may use one deck during the reading or we may incorporate others. The guidance offered may help give clarity and confirmation on whatever the client is seeking answers on. Sometimes the guidance that is received is what the client needs to hear at that moment. Past Life Readings are available through card readings as well.

Energy Healing Sessions – Multidimensional Energy Practitioner
Discovery sessions –Spiritual Mentor, Mystical Guidance
Intuitive Sessions – Mystical Card Readings, Past Life Readings
Workshops - Advanced Energy Healing, Boundaries - Protecting & Clearing Your Energy field, Chakra Balance Movement/Intuitive Dance – with Aromatherapy, Cosmic Chat & Healing – Planetary & Astrological Guidance, Essence of the Zodiac – Creating Your Blend, Full & New Moon Rituals, Divine Guidance Circle, Healing Shares/Circles, Introduction to the Tarot - Oracle Cards - Runes Spiritual Awakening Guidance, Tarot Talk & Discussion, Transformational Reiki Training, Understanding Chakras with Crystals, Wheel of the Year - Seasonal Rituals, Yin Stretch & Reiki Healing, Guided Meditation – themes include:  Connecting with Inner Child/Archetypes, Connecting with our Spiritual Guides, Animal Guides, & Loved Ones, Connecting with Our Past Lives, Cord Cutting Ritual

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