Spiritual Mentor - Multidimensional Energy Practitioner

Transformational Teacher - Mystical Readings

Scared Circles - Intuitive Dance

​I was introduced to natural healing techniques from my Sicilian family. I have fond memories of family members using homemade remedies to heal illnesses and perform rituals. Being raised Roman Catholic, these rituals were often called prayers, but these “prayers” seemed to have hint of magic to them. 

I’ve always felt a connection to nature. As I child, I was able to sense energy from the trees, plants, and animals. It was as if I could “talk” to them. I would also see spirits and mystical beings everywhere I went.

In my early 20s, I began exploring divination and channeling. However, my spiritual journey went on a hiatus for a while. I tried to hide and block who I was, but eventually I couldn’t deny my Soul’s purpose, my Authentic Self.

Around 2009, I was called to resume my Spiritual practice. I began to find my way back to my Authentic Self by attending sacred circles and then a few years later, Reiki attunements. Other classes and teachings followed soon after these attunements. People often tell me they love my energy and that being in my presence puts them at ease. I naturally bring humor and compassion in everything I do including my healing services. I feel that laughter truly is the best medicine. Clients usually leave a session with a smile on their face.

My certifications include Multidimensional Quantum Practitioner through Trinity Mystical Energy School, Energy Medicine Practitioner through Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, Reiki Master Teacher, Thai Reflexology techniques, and AromaDance Leader. Education is very important to me. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and experiences through further education so I can share my wisdom and teachings with others. Stay tuned!