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Life coach

Spiritual guide


My passion is, and always has been, to help people. Since I can remember I felt compelled to give compassion and support to anyone suffering. By high school I knew helping people in need was my calling, my purpose. I attained a master's degree in mental health counseling and spent over 20 years in the field. A spiritual awakening happened for me about 10 years ago. I learned even more about how to help those in need by using our connection to and gifts given by the universe.

Are you feeling drained of all hope and energy?

Do you feel physically ill more often then not?

Are you overwhelmed by everyday life?

I understand and can help. I have been privileged enough to have the people places and things through my life enlighten me, teach me and guide me in finding answers on how to resolve those questions and so many more. The connection we have with the universe allows us to experience life in a positive way regardless of external circumstances. My years of mental health counseling experience, self-study on chakra cleansing and spiritual guidance of my own has given me the gifts and tools for finding happiness and success in life. I am here to share with you how you can make this a realistic and achievable place for you as well How you can find peace, happiness, health and love.

My therapies will teach and guide you on how to successfully cope with your life regardless of its twists and turns!! I look forward to partnering with you on your journey!

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