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The Dragonflies and Amber Story

We all have a very special soul named Patricia Mowry (aka Cakes, Patsy, Mama Bear) to thank for the manifestation and continual ripple effect of Dragonflies and Amber!


In 2011 this kind soul passed away but before she left and through this day she awakened a movement.  In the time we were gifted with her before the other side needed her, she asked me to learn to speak with her once she was gone (become a medium).  During this time, she let us know she would present as a Dragonfly and smell like lavender and boy does she!! We learned Amber was a resin that is the renewal of life and that life goes beyond what we see.


There were so many thoughts and feelings for me around the subject of mediumship. This was a life altering decision but for her I would do it.  I decided living life passionately is my way of honoring her.  For it was a gift she was not given.  Mourning her would not bring her back but living life in a way to show it does not end here was my way of making sure she always lived on.


The initial intention was to “chat” with her, to bring peace to her family and friends, maybe bring comfort to my own family by letting them know we go on.  Never did I think it would be a public thing!!  Well, she had a different plan! 


I went to a local spiritual event and there a very brave channel of higher knowledge (Myra) “yelled at me” saying that I was not on my life path and listen to what I have been told many times. Honor my friend was part of that “talking too” and so it began. From the moment Patti transitioned my life turned upside down, for the better!


It has taken years to get comfortable with the new normal but every step of the way Patti worked her magic and put things in my path that would push me out of my comfort zones until low and behold Dragonflies and Amber became a location not just a name!!


When we first opened the doors in April 2019 I thought this would be a place I could do a group reading or two a month as well as practice Reiki to help people.  Once again Cakes had a different idea!  Today 19 plus magical and talented people have presented themselves and Dragonflies has the ability to change lives and help people in so many ways!


There is more than conventional intelligence available to us, our lives can become more full of peace, blessings and abundance than you could possibly imagine if you just listen and feel!!

Patti- Cakes- Patsy- Mama Bear,


It is with thanks and gratitude we all honor you! 

Here’s to what comes next, lord only knows what fortunes you will throw at us!!!

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