Discovery Sessions

We all have a very unique journey!
In these interesting and thought provoking sessions

our practitioners and teachers will guide you
on a path of self discovery.


Sometimes you need a little more than just energy healing or a reading.

Do you feel like you are at a crossroad and not sure which direction to take? Do you feel lost or stuck? Do you believe you are being called to do something, but not sure what? Do you feel your life purpose is being blocked?

In a session of Spiritual Guidance and Healing, I work as a channel connecting with the Highest vibration of the Divine as well as your personal Guides/Spiritual Team to help you reconnect with your Authentic Self. 

These sessions are a combination of my Energy Healing and Intuitive techniques giving you a deeper healing session, unique and personal to your spiritual journey. This process may involve connecting with Past lives and your ancestral lineage.

As we work together, I will help you discover why certain issues and patterns keep repeating in this life and help empower you to your highest potential.

The Spiritual journey is ongoing, but learning how to navigate it can help bring you confidence, joy, and purpose.

Mentoring Session:  $66 for 30 minutes,  $111 for 60 minutes

Mentoring & Healing Session:  $111 for 60 minutes, $144 for 90 minutes


Follow Your Soul Session:

Have you ever felt a little lost or felt like something is happening… something was starting wake up but you’re not sure what??  Welcome to your souls communication! ​In a Follow Your Soul Session we will
talk about YOU.  Each individual has their own story, some of it has been “written” and some is yet to
be discovered! 

We each have a soul journey and free will to act on it or not!  Let’s get together and discover where you are on your path.​ Each session will be any combination of card readings, spirit team communication, higher self recognition/communication and much more. Any and all subjects you need to “know” about will start to present themselves. 

Understanding your soul self as well as your intellectual self is very important!  All of your life events are based upon how you see yourself.  The more you know, love and accept who you are the easier life gets!!

​All sessions are done for the highest and best good of all!  Let’s spend a little time together getting to YOU and what journey may lay ahead.  ​ 

Soul Session:  $75 Individual 1 hr. session

Muggle to Magic

Are you curious??? Maybe it is about the afterlife, where we go when our body stops working, who or what we really are, do animals experience the same things humans do, what is the purpose of a physical life, what is intuition and/or how do I use it?  Whether you are just curious, looking for peace or are experiencing communication from somewhere but you are not sure where; these discovery style sessions are for you.​


In a muggle to magic session we will discuss what you want to shed some light on.  You pick a subject you want to start with and all that is will lead us from there.  These sessions are based upon what I have learned on my journey so far and intuitive information received in our time together.  A session can be conducted individually or in a group style for your family and friends.


​Individual 1 hr. session $50, group of 3 or more $40 per person


Your inner workings session:

Knowing your self is a healing journey! Allow me to join you on discovering your best self!

Working with the energies of your inner child or discovering the power of understanding your shadow side can be empowering experience!

In these sessions we will discuss what it is you would like to work on. Maybe you don't even know what that is... There was I time I didn't either.  Let spend sometime together journey through your situations and partner in your healing and spiritual journey to self!!

Session:  $65 Individual 1 hr. session; multi session pricing available


I am an channel with 10 years of professional practice.  Channeling is a sacred gift of connecting with the higher realms.  It involves setting aside my conscious mind and going into an altered state to allow spirit entities to speak through me.  This is why channeling is often described as a “walk in” because that is precisely what happens.  The channel steps aside and the entities “walk in” to speak through the channel. 

Ultimately, my work involves helping you to remember who you are.  That has been the primary message by these spirit entities for almost a decade. Remember who you are.  We remember who we are in order to return to our soul. 

During a session with me, it will feel like you’re engaging in a conversation with master teachers.  Prior to a session, you will be asked to bring your questions and to discuss your concerns.  These teachers from the higher spheres will help you uncover your barriers.  They will help you put the puzzle of who you are together.  They will help you understand your unique qualities.  And they will point to the work that needs to be done.  This work is very important. In healing yourself, you heal others; but before you give yourself you must have gained yourself.

1 person $85 for 60 mins / 2 people $75/psn for 75 mins / 3-5 people $65/psn for 90 mins / 6-10 people $55/psn for 120 mins / 11 or more people $45/psn for 120 mins 


Know Your Human Design

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation. It shows each of us that we have a unique design and specific purpose. A Human Design Chart, or BodyGraph is a precise map and user guide that gives you access to how you are genetically designed to engage with the world and how your unique inner guidance system operates.  


Your chart shows your specific genetic design, affirming who you really are, how to be yourself and how to navigate successfully in a constantly changing world. It provides you tools to live an aware and awake life – a simple strategy you can trust that reliably connects you to your personal Authority in order to make moment-to-moment decisions that are correct for you so that your unique life purpose can unfold naturally. 


Use your Human Design Reading to navigate your life journey in an authentic way. In living your Authentic Self, your pure and natural behavioral nature will emerge without resistance. When we know, accept, and LIVE from a comfortable place of authenticity, we naturally come to love ourselves. And Without love for self, there can be no love for others. 


  • Do you feel lost in this world? 

  • Are you longing for purpose?  

  • Do you struggle with making decisions?  

  • Do you feel like you are living by someone else’s rules?  

  • Do you often feel frustration, anger, bitterness, or disappointment? 


If any of the above questions resonate with you, a Human Design reading is a great first step in learning to live a more Authentic Life with Purpose.

1-hour session $50; location, date & time of birth required

Creating Your Happy with Health Habits

You know that feeling when you really want to make some healthy changes in your life, but you keep circling back to old behavior patterns and habits? It doesn’t feel good and logically you think it should be easy to change, but you keep ending back up in the same place? 

As an intuitive coach, I work with you to help you discover your true desires and motivation and find ways to break the cycle to begin creating healthy behaviors that feel good. When we allow our authentic self to blossom and create habits that make us feel good physically, emotionally, or spiritually, it is easier to access the happiness that you are searching for.

Some of the wellness areas commonly worked on in these sessions include:

  • Weight loss

  • Stress management

  • Work/life balance

  • Sleep quality

  • Energy levels

  • Dietary restriction management

  • Meal prep

  • Mind/body/spirit connection

  • Career satisfaction

  • Relationship satisfaction

In our session, we nurture your individual strengths, use the guidance from your Higher Self, and work collaboratively to discover the mind-body-spirit balance you seek to live a happier, healthier life!


Investment: $50 for 60-minute Discovery Session

  15-minute Reiki session can be added for an additional $20