Discovery Sessions

We all have a very unique journey!
In these interesting and thought provoking sessions

our practitioners and teachers will guide you
on a path of self discovery.


Follow Your Soul Session:

Have you ever felt a little lost or felt like something is happening… something was starting awake up but you’re not sure what??  Welcome to your souls communication! ​In a Follow Your Soul Session we will talk about YOU.  Each individual has their own story, some of it has been “written” and some is yet to be discovered! 

We each have a soul journey and free will to act on it or not!  Let’s get together and discover where you are on your path.​ Each session will be any combination of card readings, spirit team communication, higher self recognition/communication and much more. Any and all subjects you need to “know” about will start to present themselves. 

Understanding your soul self as well as your intellectual self is very important!  All of your life events are based upon how you see yourself.  The more you know, love and accept who you are the easier life gets!!

​All sessions are done for the highest and best good of all!  Let’s spend a little time together getting to YOU and what journey may lay ahead.  ​ 

Soul Session:  $75 Individual 1 hr. session  --  Contact Julie at

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Meet Your Spirit Guides:

Have you met your spirit guides yet? From mundane to master tasks, they help us with our spirituality, life path, and even finding a parking space.

If you want to learn and experience communicating with your guides, join Sylvia for a session. You'll meet your spokes guide and learn how to work with your team of guides.

Each of us has many, many spirit guides. They might be ascended masters, angels, and family and friends who have crossed over. They can be animals, mythic creatures, pets who have crossed over. There are no limits on who they might be. The guides are here to help us navigate this physical lifetime. Come join us and meet your closest guide, the one you can speak to anytime, all the time.

Be Your Own Wizard:

Meditation can be your portal to the universe and access to spirit guides, dragons, and, well, the universe!

In these sessions, Sylvia takes you through the basics for grounded, in-body meditation. These are meditation skills that you can use when you're meditating on your own, participating in a guided meditation, working with your guides, stepping into your greatness, and other energy/spiritual work.

Sylvia teaches simple techniques that you can use on a daily basis to build your spiritual strength:

>> Grounding and grounding cords: The difference between them, different ways of grounding,
      how to create and use grounding cords

>> Releasing energy: How to release energy, specifically stress

>> Cords: There are cords other than grounding cords. We'll talk about what they are,
      how we get (and give) them, and how to release them

>> Chakras: Where they are, why we need to pay attention to them, and how to check that they are
      filled with color and spinning

>> Running energy and calling back your magic and wizardry


These sessions usually run 30 to 60 minutes. The fee is a sliding scale from $45, and it's due when you schedule the appointment. Packages are also available. 

COVID 19 Guidelines are in place at building.  Form to be signed for in person visits.

Dragonflies and Amber
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Regular hours of operation 

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