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Everyone’s journey to a happy and healthy life is different. The true path to success happens when you discover the right pieces of YOUR puzzle. I believe that each of us has our own unique path to happiness, success, and wellness, and it is based on our individual Human Design and the choices we make. I am committed to healing you learn your own triggers, challenges, and ways to overcome obstacles so that you have the tools you need to succeed in crafting your own version of a healthy, happy you! 


My background is in corporate marketing so I know about the daily rat race that can prevent us from living a peaceful and fulfilling life. After having my daughter in 2013, it became abundantly clear to me that there was more to life than what I was making of it. I wanted less stress, more happiness, better health and the feeling of making a difference in the world. This realization has lead me on an incredible personal journey that has ultimately brought me to where I am today.


In 2018, I completed my training through the Mayo Clinic and became a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach. My approach is behavior-based, unique to your circumstance and never provides a specific required food or exercise program. In 2022, I discovered the Human Design and continue to be a student and practitioner. 


I meet each client where they are at in their life journey and do my very best to help them learn to live the happy and healthy life they desire.