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My journey to this moment has not been linear and involved a lot of deep personal reflection
and healing. Having always felt a bit different, out of place and navigating challenging family
systems, to stay safe I kept my self-small and dimmed my light.

It was not until 2020 when we were all forced to “be still” that I felt safe enough to begin the
work of discovering my true self and healing. This brought me to seek out support and
connected me to the power of energy healing. I began working with an amazing practitioner

who became a mentor and guided me as I shed layers to become my most authentic, powerful,
badass self.

As my own healing continued (and continues to continue) my natural energetic healing abilities became louder and I was called to begin helping others to heal and grow. Now as a Reiki level three and an Emotional Freedom Technique trained practitioner. I am
passionate about assisting people in overcoming their obstacles and reaching their full potential.  My ultimate goal is to help people step into their truest selves and own their power. I am passionate about using the power of energy to facilitate healing and personal growth in individuals.

With a blend of Reiki and EFT, I offer chakra balancing, to help individuals feel balanced and whole. I am focused on creating a safe space for my clients to release stress, anxiety, and emotional blockages.

I believe that true healing can only occur when individuals become self-aware and take ownership of their emotions and energy. My role as a practitioner is to be a facilitator in this process, providing my clients with the tools they need to achieve emotional balance and spiritual growth.

If you are seeking someone who is passionate about supporting you on your healing journey, I would be honored to connect with you and help you achieve greater peace, balance, and happiness in your life.

Love and Light

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