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 Myra Astorga


Myra is an advanced channel with over a decade of professional practice.  Channeling is a sacred gift of connecting with the higher realms. It involves setting aside the conscious mind and going into an altered state to allow spirit entities to speak through the channel.  This is why channeling is often described as a “walk in” because that is precisely what happens. The channel steps aside and the entities “walk in” to speak through the channel. 

Her energy practice began in 2004 when an extraordinary, spiritual experience left her with the ability to interpret and deliver insights about ourselves.  Information on our specific soul qualities and certain human behavioral patterns were discussed during these conversations. These insights and messages compelled Myra to take her practice public and share the mysteries of the human personality.


In addition to being a skilled channel, she brings a strong business consultative background to her work.  She has had the opportunity to work with companies and organizations offering solutions to improve their business practices.   Her love for channeling along with her business skills allows Myra to offer insights and solutions in various capacities.


Myra is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and she is a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine where she completed the Life Mastery Training and Healer Training Program.

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