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Certified Energy Medicine Master
Myokotasis Sound Code Therapist

Dao᷉ Tha Sound Code Therapist
Reiki healer

When I chose to commit to medicine energy school, I was warming up to the idea what if the best way we can help our planet and humanity is through our own personal work and following Spirit for her part of humanity?  The answer is a very reassuring yes, as at that time, I just did not see the miracles that are seen now!

I was pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to get well acquainted with consciousness and energy fields, which brought her joy and so much richness to life! I was then was drawn into the joy of sharing with others the skills that I had learned, along with talents discovered.

Since 2019, this journey has been helping clients connect with their energy, realize their blocks that they may not be aware of and uncovering the root causes which may be the source of the pain, disease, or distress in their lives.

I look forward to meeting you. 

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