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Certified Energy Medicine Master
Myokotasis Sound Code Therapist

Dao᷉ Tha Sound Code Therapist
Reiki healer

My curiosity and strong desire to try to understand the building blocks of matter, to serve earth, led me to become a chemist. I gained great reverence for the intelligence of all process’s nature has brought us! My favorite activity was creating crystals, bringing forth a path for some raw ingredients!

Since a child, I was an advocate for the vulnerable and for many years had championed the needs for the children at both town and state level. Throughout my life, people would just share their life stories. I felt the calling to go deeper through Reiki and other modalities. I want to share that what is perceived as a flaw, is actually a gift. I have been in the field now for 5 years, healing and guiding both spirit seekers and other healers.

I am a Master Healer from Rhys Thomas Institute, hold certifications in Reiki, and Akashic Record healing, and is a Dao-Tha sound therapist. Hobbies include land healing, and channeling spirits, healing spirits. 


In essence, my approach to wellness is integrative and holistic, addressing the interconnections of mind, body, and spirit.  I am deeply committed to supporting individuals on their path to optimal health, vitality, and self-discovery.


free 15-minute call to best access your needs.

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