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I have loved and lost many times in my life. After the pain of a heart-wrenching divorce and the devastating loss of her second husband inch-by-inch to a horrible death, I found that after going through the grief, "when you feel you cannot breathe, eat, sleep, or live without him, when you feel the flames of life within you have gone out" there are still embers glowing within, a flicker of life fueling the strength to go on.

This led me to writing The Queen of Hearts: Attracting Love Plain and Simple.  It is my hope that it takes you on her personal journey to demonstrate how I used creative visualization, the law of attraction, vision boards, and many other tools to bring love back into my life, and how you can too.

I wrote this book to help people become hopeful and to show them how they can take the pain from loss and transform it to make their lives whole once again.

I am now bringing these life lessons and skills to Dragonflies and Amber!   Watch for my classes and events!
If you would like a personal session; It would be my pleasure to meet you!!

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