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Reiki Master
Jewelry Maker

Hi! My name is Jennifer Pereira, I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Copper Jewelry Maker.

My journey began in 2021 as a means to get myself out of a severe depression and anxiety. I began working with wire wrapped jewelry, not realizing any of its metaphysical properties. After connecting with the wonderful community at Dragonflies and Amber, I quickly found myself going down many roads trying to find myself and my life purpose. 


That is when I discovered Reiki and its amazing benefits.  Reiki has helped me live a better and richer life, I feel more present and experiencing my days with a higher perspective. I have reduced the stress and anxiety significantly.

I really enjoy the connection with my clients and it is exhilarating to see them improve in their own lives. My mission is to help you heal. I want you to leave your session feeling better, but my priority is your overall wellbeing for your highest good.

Reiki will help you attain the balance and wellbeing that we all are meant to experience in our lives. I would be honored to be the conduit that may help you achieve that.   A Reiki session is a wonderful investment in your wellbeing! 

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