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Energy Healer
Spiritual Counselor
Grounding and Spirit Guide workshops

My spiritual work started in the early 1990s. I had the good fortune to be a student of Linda
Saurenman who introduced me to meditation and then to energy work. After several years of
study, I co-taught meditation classes and did psychic readings. This was followed by a hiatus in
teaching and readings, but I continued communicating with my guides and taking energy and
healing workshops from different teachers.


The absolute, unquestionable need to get back into energy work became a driving force around 2010. I enrolled at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and graduated as an Energy Medicine Practitioner/Master Healer in 2016. Since then I’ve also been certified as Reiki Master and I continue to study different energy healing modalities that I integrate into healings as they’re needed.The healing work gives me great pleasure, but I also enjoy teaching the basics: the hows andwhys of grounding and how to communicate directly with your spirit guides. For me, learning to ground and work with my guides is the foundation for all my energy work.


Know your divinity, embrace your humanness. (tm)

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