Know your divinity,
Embrace your humanness

My spiritual work started about 30 years ago. I had the good fortune of becoming a student of Linda Saurenman who introduced me to meditation and then to energy work. After several years of study,
I co-taught meditation classes and did psychic readings. This was followed by a hiatus in teaching and readings, but I continued communicating with my guides and taking energy workshops from different teachers.

The absolute, unquestionable need to get back into energy work became a driving force around 2010. After taking several energy-development classes from Lisa Campion, I enrolled at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and graduated as an Energy Medicine Practitioner/Master Healer in 2016.

An energy healing with me integrates my master healer training along with my certifications in Reiki I and II and studies of Shamanism. My study of energy work and techniques is continuous.

Services: Energy Sessions/Healings, Psychic Readings, Animal Communication, Pain Reduction Meditations, Clearing Residences and Properties. Details are on the Healings & Wellness and the Card and Intuitive Readings tabs. Also see the Classes tab for details on Sylvia's workshops "Meet Your Spirit Guides" and "Be Your Own Wizard: Meditation Basics."

As spirit in a physical body, being human is part of our spirit's journey. In an energy session, our spirit energy moves through us, deepening our understanding of ourselves and our foibles, and opening us to the intricacies of who we really are. Contact me if you want to schedule an appointment or learn more about what an energy session can do for you.