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WS Trauma Recovery Coaching

International Association Of Trauma Recovery Coaching( IAOTRC)

Reiki Master Practitioner 

Reiki I, II and Hospice

Through my own healing journey and my belief in  Energy, I found my love of Reiki. Reiki expanded my desire to learn more of the body and mind connection. I wanted to live a healthful life, and a life of authenticity. My search for more knowledge and healing, led me to become a Trauma Recovery Coach.I discovered that traumas, no matter how long ago, or what size they are, have an effect on our nervous system. I found that with patience, compassion and consistency, somatic experiencing can help regulate the nervous system. From survival modes fight/flight/freeze to a present healthy body/mind connection. Alleviating anxiety attacks, and creating a healthier you! Mind, Body and Soul!!


I continue my education on courses for working with your inner child, and reparenting, and will be a forever student learning all I can in trauma recovery. I reinforce my health through nutrition, exercise and a connection with nature.


Surviving to Thriving! I would be honored to walk beside you peer to peer on your healing journey!

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