Kaile Dutton, Artist, Musician, and Healing Facilitator is an Advanced Thetahealer©,  Master Energy Healer, Sound Healer, and Intuitive Reader.  She assists with, Medical Intuitive, Mediumship, Animal Communication, Tarot, and Channeling.  


Demonstrated 20+ years of Master Energy work sessions and Psychic work for shifting you forward and helping you map out solution and direction.  Choose Tarot with Intuitive and Life Coaching aspects, Mediumship, Medical Intuitive Sessions, Thetahealing©  Sound healing, Muse Session© or Mixed Energy Sessions to create life changing transformational shifts or rejuvenation and relaxation.


Her approaches as a facilitator is to hold space and help guide you into finding your truth, your answers, and break negative self patterns and reframe the stories we tell tell ourselves. She helps you access your subconscious to allow for transformational, inspirational, and lasting change. 

She travels to different spaces providing numerous workshops, meditations, and gallery style events and talks with her most popular offerings being Sound Singing and Stillness and Talk and Tarot©.  You will leave a healing session or reading with Kaile feeling hopeful and lighter, as her approach is powerful but down to earth, authentic, and inspirational.



She has assisted in everything from lost people, and pets, to career, medical struggles, addictive habits, personal direction, and helping spiritual entrepreneurs design their logo and identity brand. Her energy healing education is an ongoing passion since first receiving her Usui RMT in 2003 and holds multiple techniques and certifications for all that she offers.