Heart Centered Intuitive Practitioner

Energy Healing

Personality Consultant

Throughout my life, the desire to assist others has resonated with me. As my desire evolved, I became inspired to choose various career paths to facilitate this calling.

While enjoying a fulfilling 20 year career in emergency medicine, I was inspired to integrate massage therapy and various healing attunements helping others achieve overall health and well-being.

A few examples of the valuable commodities I have accumulated throughout my life are:

   Empathy and compassion for others

   Ability to acclimate and attune to others energy

   Observation and discernment of personality variations

Along my journey I have acquired a valuable skill set developing Signology. It is changing peoples lives… One connection at time!

Signology provides a fascinating and perceptive exploration of the sun sign combinations and invaluable clues to unlocking the 12 Zodiac Sign mysteries of love and various human connections through ancient astrology teachings.

As we explore these ancient teachings and implement modern techniques, we create methods to unlock these mysteries and empower individuals with simple strategies to apply within ones everyday connections and relationships.

As individuals, we strive to surround ourselves with a loving, supportive environment…. 

Allow Signology to show you the way!

Examples of signology implementation:

A deeper understanding o ourselves and what drives our behaviors,Recognition of your partners love language, Understanding Co-workers drive and ambition, Ability to communicate with your children on a level their sign responds to, Respect and acknowledgement of others and their point of view, Establish insight to prevent miscommunication as well as enhance connection with others.


As  a heart centered practitioner, I feel a sense of Joy and wholes when collaborating with other as I assist them on their journey to overall health and wellness.