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I am a 13 year brain cancer survivor who now focuses on advocacy, a wellness specialist who believes in the power of natural healing and essential oil support, and an embracer of the carpe diem philosophy.  Passion for helping people through this journey of life’s ups and downs.  


My spiritual journey began after a shocking brain cancer diagnosis.  I was fortunate to be blessed with the best medical care team as well as a support team in my family and friends.  After completing my treatments, and accepting what would be a “new normal,” I had a profound gratitude for being given the chance at another day and I renewed my zest for life.  I learned meditation/breathing techniques that helped through the cancer treatments and endless MRI scans that will continue for the rest of my life.  I have always loved water, the link
of fluidity to the ebb and flow of life, I found a calmness in nature that became healing.  I believe we are given challenges to bring us closer to our true selves.


Being an animal lover since I was a child and feeling like I connected with them on another level, I became a dog mom to Ginger who not only became my therapy dog through my treatments, but my best friend for the next 13 years.  As I no longer took my next breath for granted, coupled with my thirst for knowledge, I began my official meditation practice and studied restorative/yin yoga.  Over the years, I have completed the UMass Memorial MBSR program (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn as well as workshops in CBT therapy for anxiety (Cognitive Based Therapy).  I was introduced to essential oils when my beloved Gingergirl crossed the rainbow bridge as a tool for emotional healing.  Having undergone extensive chemotherapy,  I soon found another passion in learning and became a living example of the benefits of plant medicine.  After a long wait, I am looking forward to enhancing my knowledge through the Symphony of Cells protocol to understand the different systems of the body and how to bring balance to each through essential oils.  I love developing new blends to assist with physical and emotional healing using these therapeutic tools.  


Applying my education & certifications in mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and brain health, my mission is to bring these complementary elements together to help people find their rainbow during storm clouds.  Throughout my life, I have learned what a resilient being I am and have embraced this.  


 Consultations, private and group sessions available online and in person. Come discover your #StarResilience with me.


What is StarResilience?  It is the concept of discovering your resilient self and stepping in to be the star of your own life.