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As a child, I knew I was different, I just didn’t understand what it was that made me that way.  My family, friends and local communities were all “in the box” people. I knew I was out of the box, but I spent a great deal of time and energy pretending that I wasn’t.  I sometimes heard things, that were not there, thought I saw things that were not there and knew things that were going to happen.  

Around the age of 23, I was in a bookstore.  A book literally fell off a shelf onto my foot.  I decided I was supposed to read this book, so I did.  It was a book about channeling. I was fascinated. This led me to an interest in the metaphysical.  I devoured every book I could find about channeling, mediumship and witchcraft. I was on my journey, but I was missing an important component – my spirituality.

At the age of 29, I was introduced to a woman that would become my roommate and mentor.  She read tarot cards, she practiced channeling and she was a medium. Her greatest gift to me, however, was her faith in God, Great Spirit, Higher Power, the universe.  I found my center and I found my faith.

I have now been reading Tarot Cards for about thirty years.  I find it extremely rewarding, inspiring and fun. I receive so much more than I give to my clients.  I recently decided that I wanted to utilize my gifts and pursue a career as a psychic. I love to see how my readings change peoples’ lives by giving them insight and hope.  My primary purpose is to guide people to a place where they can discover things about themselves and their future. I also want to erase the stigma that surrounds the metaphysical arts.  I want my clients to see that having intuitive abilities is normal and natural, that we all have them to one degree or another and that it is a gift from the divine.

I would love to take you on a journey of discovery – the discovery of yourself.

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