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Energy Medicine Practitioner 


Reiki Master



My name is Danielle Cavazza, most people call me Danny. As a child, I was extremely sensitive to people's feelings and found myself consoling other children as well as adults.
I also felt a much bigger energy around and inside me and would talk to this energy. I could feel the connection to it and yearned to know more as it was bubbling up inside me. 



As I got older I learned to live with the overwhelming sensitivity and continued to have unexplainable experiences such as feeling ghosts, healing people with my hands, knowing people's thoughts, and was wondering what was beyond the physical world. I was taught there were no such things so I suppressed these natural abilities.


It wasn’t until I went through a traumatic divorce when I was 31 that I recognized I am Psychic and that I can communicate with souls that have crossed over. My world started to fill with synchronicities and as I paid  attention to all these amazing moments I finally embraced spirituality again.  A few years later I signed up for Reiki I. In my very first class my well known Psychic/Medium teacher looked at me and told me that I was extremely psychic! She validated how I was feeling. I went on to Reiki II and Reiki III. I felt so in my element and I wanted to explore spirituality, my gifts, as well as dive deep into my inner work so I attended Energy Medicine school for 2 years. I was fascinated with learning about what I had felt inside me for my whole life! I still wasn't open with my friends and family about my Psychic/Medium abilities, only my fellow energy medicine students knew. After I went for a reading at the Tremont Tearoom in Boston and came out with a job I started being open with it!


Fast forward around 10 years and I am more than comfortable in my spirituality, abilities, and have explored many different modalities. I incorporate all the things I love, my experiences, and my abilities in my Energy Sessions. I want people to be seen, heard, and feel loved as they navigate through their journey! Thank you!


With Love and Light,


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