Bettina is the owner of The Queen's Grove, a traveling metaphysical shop which specializes in Pagan spirituality, with a focus on the ancestral paths of Northern Europe.  The shop first opened in 2014 under the name Tree of Life and was first a reiki practice.  Gradually, it transformed into a metaphysical and witch shop which now sells herbal blends, oil blends, books, handcrafted jewelry, ritual supplies and more.  The shop today is the accumulation of over 15 years of spiritual experiences, religious studies, magickal practice and exploration.


Bettina grew up in Bellingham, MA and has had a life long love of nature, animals, and the spiritual world, even before she had the vocabulary to describe her thoughts.  She first became interested in Witchcraft at 13 and soon began exploring.  She has been a practicing Witch for 15 years.


In 2007, Bettina began exploring reincarnation and past lives after a bizarre turn of events that involved memories of a different time.  Following her first past life regression in 2008, she set out to continue the journey and to help others learn about their own past lives.  She began her journey with Reiki healing in 2011 as a way to heal and manage her own chronic conditions.  Soon, she added crystal healing to her repertoire.  More recently, she began practicing pendulum dowsing and reading witches runes and is preparing to undergo the study of Celtic Ogham divination.  She hopes to soon add these to her service menu.  


Bettina has her BA in English writing with a minor in religious studies.  Additionally, she is a story teller, singer, lover of nature walks, history buff, and an avid fiction writer and is hoping to publish her first novel very soon."


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