Through various experiences in my life I grew up feeling insecure, unhappy, lack of self-

esteem & confidence.    Soon after high school graduation I developed an eating disorder & started falling into the darkness of depression.  I realized how my negative thoughts and re-pressed emotions created physical illness in my body.  Determined to recover, my journey within began. I soon realized that this experience was really a blessing in disguise and the challenges and obstacles were there to teach me valuable lessons for personal growth.  This truly was a gift and motivated me to find healing through studies of the mind, health, nutrition and how foods effect our body. As I started focusing on my needs, my journey inward became more fine tuned with spirit.   I was attracted to the metaphysical field and took classes in tarot, psychometry, meditation, mediumship, & table tipping. This is where I found complete healing.



I eventually married and immersed myself in family life and raised  three children. I found myself feeling disconnected from who I was other than a mother and wife.   My journey resumed. I got licensed as a Massage Therapist,  a Reiki/Shambala Master and was I was re attuned to Reiki Master by Maureen Hancock in 4/2020. I taught Compassionate Touch for a bit which teaches skills in communication and touch in elders, Alzheimers, and end of life. 

I practiced the raw & vegan diet which was a great experience about how foods can heal our body. I enjoy helping others heal themselves so I went on to become Certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Creating Money Coach, and Young Living Essential Oil Consultant.  I help people age backwards, feel young again, and heal from the inside out through Cellular Signaling Technology!


My mission in life is healing the world one person at a time, starting with self.