I have lived my whole life to end up where I am today. I have always had a desire to work with people, and more specifically-children, as a teacher. I’m married with two children of my own, and within the last few years, I realized that my life was taking a completely different direction- one that I could never have anticipated. 

I started working for a company that helps children and families with struggles such as attention, learning differences and anxiety.  All of the challenges, difficulties and lessons I had learned and been exposed to in my own life started to come together. It all started to make sense. My life journey had been laid out before me piece by piece by piece and I didn’t know it until that point.

It was at this same time that I started my spiritual journey. I was introduced to various ways to heal the body, mind and spirit. I immediately began to work on healing myself, my friends and family. I learned how energy connects everything and how moving energy can facilitate healing.

And then a friend introduced me to the modality of IET by suggesting I go for a session. I knew right away that it was something I was meant to do. I knew that helping others to heal and move along on their journey was a big part of my own soul’s mission. 

I am here today because it’s where I’m supposed to be- I’ve been getting ready my whole life! 

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. We’re all connected, and I’m here to help.